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i too have a sblive value and updated my win2k drivers to the new creative (i guess unified architecture) drivers...

yet i havent gotten any bsod's since i installed the update

some effects and presets do sound better than the previous drivers i had which i never paid much attention to because they worked near-perfectly for me but this was in win98se before i upgraded to win2k sp2

i do notice some crackle and pops every now and then with these new drivers but nothing as serious as a bsod

what were u doing when u get the blue screens?

what is the capitol of montana?

did u first uninstall the previous drivers and then install the newer, updated ones?

exactly how close is this |-| close?

did u brush your teeth after eating?

what directsound r u using?

i hope i dont run into any problems as u have with my sblive value and new updated drivers

that would suck...
duron 1.2ghz
siluro 4200 64mb
win2k pro
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