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Default Re: Help installing NVIDIA Debian AMD64

Originally Posted by chunkey
Hmm, it's a bad idea mixing Debian SID AMD64 with a normal IA32 one together...
So, I would suggest you that you should make some room on your harddrive for an extra "64Bit only" partition so that you don't **** ** your current system.

NetInstall ISOs for Debian Sid/Sarge AMD64

Yeah I thought about that. In fact I have a SID AMD64 netinstall image already burnt to a CD. It's just that I read the whole portability madness and OpenOffice is a really important app to me right now, so I figured it would be easier to do a mixed system (I was wrong). Once school ends and I find a point to take a couple days off work, maybe I'll backup my data and install 64-bit, since I should have more time to hack around in Linux. Until then, I guess I'm just going to stick with my i686 kernel and install the x86 nvidia drivers.
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