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Default Re: Doesn't anyone make a 128bit memory PCI graphics card anymore?

Originally Posted by ekloot1978
but the new motherboard might not have onboard sound like he has now so then he'd have to buy a new sound card. And then I don't know if his backup copy of windows xp for his dell would activate correctly on the new system (since it wouldn't be a dell anymore) so there's always the slight chance he might need to buy that (but I'm not sure about that so that one might be a non-issue). So it could get fairly pricey and he's not looking to spend much money. I actually told him he might want to think about upgrading though...I think he wants to wait another year or year and a half before buying a whole new system...he wouldn't build one because he doesn't know how and he seems to like just purchasing the whole thing (and at the moment I don't think his fiancee wants him spending a bunch of money on a whole new computer just to be able to play a few games unfortunately)
1. It's hard to find a motherboard that _doesn't_ have onboard sound these days. The AC'97 is so cheap to put on any board (i think) and nvidia has the nforce soundstorm, and there's many off-brands of onboard sound chips.
2. It should work, unless he totally junks the Dell computer, or the backup copy forces it's ugly software and driver configs to it. Once again, it depends if it's a Dell ghost copy (likely) or the OEM Dell version (unlikely, i think)
3. I will agree about the money. But tell him to start saving a small amount now, and in a year or so he would have built up enough money to build his own computer. Guides help at this part.

Otherwise, you know, just check Newegg, pricewatch, froogle and ebay for those cheap deals that come up every once in a awhile.

I got great fps with UT2003 at 320x240, just imagine a FX5200 128-bit at 640x480!
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