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Default Asus 5800nu problem at 1024x768

Ever since I believe 61.11 driver I have had a problem at 1024x768 resolution. It seems to look like it renders ever other line on the screen. A simple fix for me is to play at higher or lower resolutions as they all work fine.

But I went to play Kohan the other day and it seems to render bad because of this issue. From what i can tell it runs at 1024x768 with no way to change it.

I was wondering if there was a way to fix this issue somehow. I didn't see any new bios's for this card on the Asus site.

I use Arch Linux and am sure I have covored all the bases. Is this possibly a driver issue? I just don't know where else to look for a fix for this.
TIA for any help
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