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Default Re: Doesn't anyone make a 128bit memory PCI graphics card anymore?

Yeah, those Inno3d 256MB cards probably are the best option since they appear to be 128bit memory cards. I'll tell my friend about it. Thanks for the suggestion. Not sure if the 5600 version or 5700LE version would be faster but they can't be too much different. I think he is thinking about cheaping out and saving his money though (probably for a new system next year) because he saw some ati radeon 9250 pci's that were 128bit and refurbished on new egg and they were between like 60 and 80 dollars. I prefer nvidia myself but maybe if he just gets one of those cards he can keep most of his money for a real upgrade later on. Does anyone have any experiences with some of these refurbished cards from new egg? This whole thing basically started just because battlefield vietnam doesn't render quite right on his geforce mx440 card since it doesn't have pixel or vertex shaders. So he's basically just looking to play that and have it look correctly and maybe another game or two.
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