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Default Re: Doesn't anyone make a 128bit memory PCI graphics card anymore?

Hello again...I remember talking with you when we tried to help out a guy named Bodomite who was in a similar situation. Did you install riva tuner to find out if that card was 64bit or did you run some memory bandwidth benchmark?...I found a good one but I can't remember the link right now...I have the link saved at home. My friend only has battlefield vietnam and he said that the game seemed a little more choppy than with his mx440 geforce with is 128bit I believe. At first I was thinking it might all be in his head but he said this before we found out the 5700Le was 64 bit. It seems kind of crappy that new egg is misinforming people. Jaton has just updated their own website with the correct information within the last week or two though so at least that's something. I'll definately try to convince him to save up and just build or buy a new system. I build my own computers so I can help him if he would be willing to go the non-storebought route. I think for now he doesn't want to spend much money at all and wait another year or so...which is why he is looking at some of those cheap 128bit refurbished radeon 9250 pci's to get by for now and then he can save the rest of the money and make a big upgrade at a later time. I hate this whole 128bit/64bit crap on the low end cards though. Between the million different model numbers, suffixes (se, le, xt, ect.), and memory games...its getting impossible for anyone to know exactly what they are buying these days...especially when they leave information off the box or spec sheet (such as memory bandwidth information). I appreciate all the help and info from everyone though.
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