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Default Re: RenderAccel hangs X on Geforce 2 MX, driver 1.7167

Hello. Have you been following any of the "Freeze problem" threads? I have been having many freezing problems here, on my backup system- K62-500 and VIA MVP3 chipset, and GeForce2-MX-400 64MB AGP. "Render Accel" did not help, but disabling Font AntiAliasing in KDE really did, as mentioned in the Linux Gamers' FAQ on

I thought about swapping in my 5600XT 128MB from my main system(waiting for a replacement ATA133 card)into this system, so when the system locked up the last time, I swapped cards and noticed the heat sink on the MX card was really hot, and I had not even been playing any games, just surfing the net. This other card has a fan and heatsink, and has not locked up once.

It reminds me of my first NVIDIA card, a Creative TNT-2 with 32MB. It had a heat sink only, and it got really hot, no matter what. I rigged up two small fans blowing from the end of the card to over the chip. I might have to do that again. I never noticed this MX card get that hot, but the last time I used it I was dual booting between Linux and windows(for games).

There are some temperature threads running around the forum, also, mostly on the windows side...
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