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Question flickering white lines on notebook-tft


I'm glad to have a NVidia card on my notebook, because I knew there is quite good linux support. (That was the reason I bought it...)

But when I run X, there are short (about 1-2 cm) horizontal white or black lines flickering on the left edge of the screen. I upgraded the driver, set some options ("HWCursor", etc.), tested vertical refresh rates from about 55 to 75 Hz (xvidtune), with no effect.

Amazingly this doesn't happen when I run Windows with NVidia's equivalent drivers, so I think it's not due to the screen itself.

Is there any special option I have to set for notebook tfts?

It's a Dell Latitude c810, NV GeForce2 Go, 1600x1200 display, XFree86 6.8.1, 7167 NVidia drivers.

Thanks in advance!
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