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Default Everquest 2. Some thoughts. I'm still left wondering.

Everquest 2 was an expensive game to make. It's obvious when you play the game that alot of time and effort went into the presentation of the game. Not including how they used real people to model the combat arts. The voice actors, ect.

The story, the background, and the whole world is beautiful and immersive ((albeit the game does struggle on modern hardware unfortunately)) But with all this. So I thought I'd list what I consider the games weakness and highlights. I'm also curious your thoughts.


Graphics: The Graphics in this game are bar none beautiful. Some may question its artistic style but nothing compares to this game if you play it with settings above balanced. ((As far as MMORPGS go))

Combat: Combat is just so much more interesting than it is any other MMORPG I have played. I literally feel that battling in the game is the most interesting part. My only gripe is that battles take a bit too long to reach conclusion. I shouldnt be swinging at the same NPC for 2 + minutes per creature I fight

Presentation : The presentation in this game is great, From the voice overs to amazing and fluid charactor movements, and beautiful scenery.

Story: Everquest 2 has one of the better stories I have seen. The game "Does" tell you a story when you play it. The charactors are vocal and even at the beginning of the game you are left with an idea of your place in the world and what you are to set out to do.


System Requirements: Lets face it. This game kills modern hardware.I havent tested it on 2 6800GTs yet but on both a 6800GT and 2 6600GTs with a fairly high end computer. The game still can be very demanding and choppy at times. This can kill immersion when your struggling to just make the game playable.

Downtime: EQ 2's downtime over EQ 1 has improved significantly. But theres still too much of it. There needs to be other ways of significantly improving the downtime. After spending 2 minutes on a fight. I dont want to spend another minute waiting to be ready for the next one. Even with the best food and water. Downtime is too much.

Locked Zones: This is the biggest and most upsetting issue about EQ 2 to me. When I first played EQ 1. I had a good deal of desires to level. I'd go and explore areas and travel the world and see new things. EQ 2's world is very very confined because of the fact that zones are locked. Even by level 20 you can only go to 4 real zones ((Commonlands, Antonica, Thundering Steppes, And Nektulos)) And you have to hunt these areas forever. And you cant explore. Cant see new enemies. So heres the question. When you have no idea what awaits you. What do you have to look forward too? This is In my honest opinion something that has killed Everquest 2. When I play EQ 2 I aspire towards nothing. I play for an hour or so then log. Getting usually no where. There is just nothing in game that makes me go "Wow. I need to be level such and such"

Player Trade: Hello Sony. Forcing us to stay online to trade is completely ridiculous. My computer uses enough power and generates enough heat as is for me to want to leave it running all the time so I can sell stuff. This kills the economy and makes trading amongst players difficult. It didnt work well in EQ 1 and it doesnt work well in EQ 2. Dont force us to stay online just so we can trade amongst other players!

Oy. I have alot of high hopes for EQ 2 as well. Its still an enjoyable game but I think some of its gameplay elements and trade elements are seriously hurting right now. I know sony will "eventually" get it right and have a wonderful game. My question is. When?
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