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Default Re: Everquest 2. Some thoughts. I'm still left wondering.

85% of EQ2 is not locked, if anything I would say there is more unlocked then locked. There are many dungeons within other zones, like Wailing Caves or Blackburrow. These allow are also big in size and can house many different levels of adventurers.

While uber high zones are locked they do it so extremely low people don't go in and then bitch that the zone is hard to navigate or explore because of the high level mobs.

Ever play EQ1? So many people complained about having to travel through the Karanas and later Velious because of the wandering mobs that agroed all the time. Does this limit us because many other people are retards? Ya but eh, I can deal with it. The zones I do have access to are large enough for me to not get bored in, I have yet to see all of Nektulos and Thundersteps...

Downtime is needed, go play WoW if you want to power through everything without rest... I actually liked EQ1's more, I loved the feeling that I had to manage my mana insted of having to wait a min and it would be full again. EQ1 brought more danger that way aswell.

I guess im just to old fashioned, I miss the difficulties of EQ1. It was a game that required alot of skill to excel in your class. Im hoping EQ2 in the high end is more like EQ1, if not my last hope is Vanguards... Its created by old Verant members.
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