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Default Re: Everquest 2. Some thoughts. I'm still left wondering.

85% of EQ2 is not locked, if anything I would say there is more unlocked then locked. There are many dungeons within other zones, like Wailing Caves or Blackburrow. These allow are also big in size and can house many different levels of adventurers.
These are all pre 20 zones. Level 20 + areas are not what I'd call "uber" zones. Heck most classes have just recieved there final classes. At level 20 I feel I am punished because I cant go to permafrost. If I die trying to explore an area. Then thats the risk of doing so at a low level.

Ever play EQ1? So many people complained about having to travel through the Karanas and later Velious because of the wandering mobs that agroed all the time. Does this limit us because many other people are retards? Ya but eh, I can deal with it. The zones I do have access to are large enough for me to not get bored in, I have yet to see all of Nektulos and Thundersteps...
The big difference is. Nothing forced them to do so. And it was entirely possible to travel through velious without aggroing a bunch of creatures even as a level 10. Everquest 1 did not make a habit of locking zones. Unless they were raid content or high level material. I dont consider Enchante Lands a high level area. I consider it a mid level area that is locked for no deserving reason other than to force players to reach a certain level or do a long and boring timesink quest.

The difference here is you have the option. What you described is not any different than other game out there really. Except EQ 2 locks you out. I just cant see a good reason for it. There was a risk to travel back in these days. But it was possible. Now it's not in EQ 2. And I think thats an ultimate shame because of how good the engine looks and alot of old players want to see whats happened to Shattered Norrath.

guess im just to old fashioned, I miss the difficulties of EQ1. It was a game that required alot of skill to excel in your class. Im hoping EQ2 in the high end is more like EQ1, if not my last hope is Vanguards... Its created by old Verant members.

See, I think theres a fine line between difficulty and timesink/boredom unplayability. With the original EQ before expansions. Everquest 1 wasnt difficult. It was remarkably easy for alot of classes. Hunt guards/giants/lguk/SolB in groups. But there was not enough content to really play the game. and you'd usually find yourself "waiting" for spawns to just get experience. I very much remember these days rather unfondly I might add.

Kunark was an expansion that added alot of playability by actually providing players 1-50 the content they needed to level/play. Of course 50-60 had alot of the same problems during the Kunark. Bottlenecking players is not a way to make the game difficult. Sony learned this in EQ 1 with later expansion. I hope verant is smart enough to realise this. There are plenty of ways to keep the player base challenged and intrigued by not making things impossible.

Downtime is needed, go play WoW if you want to power through everything without rest... I actually liked EQ1's more, I loved the feeling that I had to manage my mana insted of having to wait a min and it would be full again. EQ1 brought more danger that way aswell.
This is extremely exxagerated. World of Warcraft has a huge experience curve as you raise in levels. Downtime isnt needed "If" the game is properly configured to take downtime into account for the experience curve. To get 1 level in WoW in the post 30's can take 8-9 hours of grinding experience ((30's are comparable to EQ 2's 20)) And it only gets worse as you get higher level.. It's no different than EQ 2. But the difference being is you are constantly playing. And you have the ability to move from mob to mob without having to sit and twiddle your thumbs. Thats not fun. A game can be designed with with low downtime in mind for constant action and "Still" have a large experience curve.

Actually. Everquest 1 is similar as well. You can level the first 20 levels in about 15 hours in EQ 1. And the next 5 in about 10. And the experience curve goes up. You just have to hunt in the right places with the right experience bonus. The only difference in EQ 1 has extreme downtime.
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