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Default Re: Sony vaio FS115M +linux?


I just installed Linux on my new VAIO FS115M laptop and evrything went fine.
It was Ubuntu 5.04 preview The screen was detected correctly and evrything works out of the box. You get the nice ubuntu welcome screen.

However there is some kind of video corruption going on when you use the system for a while : some windows tend to display crazy rainbow strips. Switching to a text console (Ctrl+Alt+F1) and back to the X server (Ctrl+Alt+F7) gets things back to normal for a while, but this is very annoying and the system is clearly not usable but you can fix this easily :

You just install the latest NVIDIA proprietaty driver and every thing works fine. The video corruption is gone (and you get nice 3D so this is something you most certainly would have done anyway).
(This is very easy to do)

You can go ahead and buy this laptop it's the greatest laptop I've ever seen and linux works perfectly fine on it.

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