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Default Re: Everquest 2. Some thoughts. I'm still left wondering.

I love this game.

Gfx looks good but it's a tad slow on my puter so ill have to buy a new mobo and a cpu.
Voice acting is very good i think. Much better then I expected.
There are still many issues with various things, There seem to be some memory leaks going on, after a few hours of play zoning gets much slower and running in town is terrible.
A few mobs are still broken, Like bats we tried to kill for a friends writ. I could not get agro on him with my taunts, he just flew around like nothing when i taunted and fired arrows on him.

To my big suprice giants can kill me in Thundering stepps. Im a lvl 32 guardian now with good equipment and every now and then there will be a lvl 26^^ who can kill me very fast (It's actually a spell casting giant but you cant tell them apart from the rest of them as they share the same looks and name as normal lvl 26^^'s whom of course can not hurt me at all). So there are issues with balance I think. In my mid 25's i never saw them, and ive been soloing them before too without problems, so this have appeard very recently to my knollage (else ive just been very lucky i guess)

The selling system i like the way it is now.
Its better then ive seen in many other games where your character enter "merchant" mode and sitts where ever he wants to sell his loot (so you still had to leave your puter on). Popular camping places for merchants would be town squares where there would be thousands of players generating an humongous amount of lag. So Eq2 is nice clean and easy. I love the broker feature. Thats smart i think.
It dosent make sense to be able to sell things when your not there selling it I think.

I love the fights, Heroic opertunities are the coolest thing ever and it really makes a difference if used correctly. This is not just some hack 'n slash, Taking on tough mobs takes time and requiers stratigies in the group and that makes it all so much more interesting.

Every day server downtime is terrible, here in sweden they bring down the server mid day time and that suxx. Tho I do like they frequent updates and fixes to the game but they do fail to list all things in the change log you see in your inlog screen
*ive noticed some of my buff's will not refresh when i cast them they will simply cansle the active one and the skill can not be used for what ever time it takes for it to cool, like the Allay skill for example, but others too*

We need more looks on armors i think, especially Tower shields (as a tank ive been looking at the same shield on my back forever!)

There are lots of things I like here and also things i think needs to be fixed, but this is just from the top of my head.
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