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Default Re: Everquest 2. Some thoughts. I'm still left wondering.

As the Assistant Site Manager of EQ 2 Vault... I can address some of these for you.

Originally Posted by ChrisRay
System Requirements: Lets face it. This game kills modern hardware.I havent tested it on 2 6800GTs yet but on both a 6800GT and 2 6600GTs with a fairly high end computer. The game still can be very demanding and choppy at times. This can kill immersion when your struggling to just make the game playable.
The engine was designed to last several years. No Machine can play with everything maxxed. That said, I agree that the game uses too much resources vs. the eye candy you get. EQ 2 is very CPU intensive, as well... so you will be running into a lot of "CPU bound issues", even with Dual 6800 Ultra's in SLI. Hopefully, between optimizations of the engine over time, and possible support for dual core CPU's, this will improve.
Originally Posted by ChrisRay
Downtime: EQ 2's downtime over EQ 1 has improved significantly. But theres still too much of it. There needs to be other ways of significantly improving the downtime. After spending 2 minutes on a fight. I dont want to spend another minute waiting to be ready for the next one. Even with the best food and water. Downtime is too much.
Well, it's not an action game. With the best food an water the downtime is comparable to just about any other "Casual Friendly" MMORPG, except Guild Wars. But Guild Wars isn't a full MMORPG, either. Downtime, generally, is not a frequent complaint seen on the Official forums nor the forums of large fansites like the Vault. So I kind of doubt you'll see much improvement there.
Originally Posted by ChrisRay
Locked Zones: This is the biggest and most upsetting issue about EQ 2 to me. When I first played EQ 1. I had a good deal of desires to level. I'd go and explore areas and travel the world and see new things. EQ 2's world is very very confined because of the fact that zones are locked. Even by level 20 you can only go to 4 real zones ((Commonlands, Antonica, Thundering Steppes, And Nektulos)) And you have to hunt these areas forever. And you cant explore. Cant see new enemies. So heres the question. When you have no idea what awaits you. What do you have to look forward too? This is In my honest opinion something that has killed Everquest 2. When I play EQ 2 I aspire towards nothing. I play for an hour or so then log. Getting usually no where. There is just nothing in game that makes me go "Wow. I need to be level such and such"
They are working on pretty much eliminating "locked zones" as you put it. At least, as far as grouping requirements go. I gather there will still be some zones that you still have to complete a quest for, before you are able to access them. They are also adding many instanced zones for both soloers and groupers. The game is becoming more solo / duo friendly almost every week.
Originally Posted by ChrisRay
Player Trade: Hello Sony. Forcing us to stay online to trade is completely ridiculous. My computer uses enough power and generates enough heat as is for me to want to leave it running all the time so I can sell stuff. This kills the economy and makes trading amongst players difficult. It didnt work well in EQ 1 and it doesnt work well in EQ 2. Dont force us to stay online just so we can trade amongst other players!
This is also getting eliminated.
First they are making it so you don't have to stay in your house to sell.
Soon they will allow offline selling, as well.

Ask SOE #33

Read the last question.
Originally Posted by ChrisRay
Oy. I have alot of high hopes for EQ 2 as well. Its still an enjoyable game but I think some of its gameplay elements and trade elements are seriously hurting right now. I know sony will "eventually" get it right and have a wonderful game. My question is. When?
They are working on it. They realize that "forced grouping" and some of the restrictions they imposed, was a mistake. I will venture to guess that most of this will be addressed before the first full expansion is released.

This, by far, is not the same attitude that the EQ 1 devs had. Of course, EQ 1 didn't have much competition, when it was launched, and those devs could afford to be tyrants. EQ 2 Devs, basically can't afford that luxury.



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