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Default Re: Everquest 2. Some thoughts. I'm still left wondering.

I have been playing since day one of release and I am still highly addicted. Though I can say I dont have that urge to play way past my bedtime like I use to with EQ1, and I think that is because EQ1 sometimes it took forever to get a group going and you dont want to log only after an hour.

In EQ2 I can find a group fairly easily and if not solo is the option though it really is slowing down 30+ but at leat I got the option.

For me I dont think downtime is too bad at all. Especially with the right tier player crafted food. Maybe because I am a wizard and can convert health to mana...I have literally no downtime when I solo.

In groups have a lot less downtime as well as long as everyone is using player crafted quality food.

I dont want the game to be that easy if it was I would probably be bored within a month or two.

Though I have to agree about locked zones. I truly hate them. I hated them in EQ1 with PoP. I see why they do it in EQ2...but it gets real annoying after a while.

As far as tradeskills go, for a while they truly mucked up the entire system, and I still disagree with how they made changes instead of using a hammer they used a bulldozer. But with the new mail system, and the new imbues and special items, tradeskills is coming back alive. There is now a T5 market...though the bad thing as a 50 alchemist...there are way too many of us, because we were needed so bad before.
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