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Default Re: Everquest 2. Some thoughts. I'm still left wondering.

For me...I don't know what it is...But I am completely sucked in. Yes there are little faults I find from time to time, but none are gamebreakers for me. There has never been a game where I play 3-6 hours EVERY DAY. I do in EQ2. I happened to have found a great guild, and the core players in my guild are very near my level (34-41...I am 36 ATM).
As for the locked zone, I kind of like it. You get the zones at a certain level, but I wanted to see them so badly, I did the access quests instead. I can't tell you the feeling of accomplishment i had when I finally finished Zek Boat Ride and stepped on to the docks in Zek. Started running around picking up all the quests and was able to do some of them at my level. I was amazed at the loot/quest items/coin given out! I have Zek, EL, and Feerrott done. About to start Everfrost and Lavastorm. Another thing I find VERY fun is grouping with guild members and doing Heritage quests. We usually do these on Sunday's and one can take 4-8 hours depending on how much "prequest" work we've done. Anyway, sorry for rambling...

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