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Default Suse 9.1, YOU and driver setup problems

I just recently upgraded from an ATI Radeon 9200 to a GeForce 6600GT. I have managed to successfuly install the NVIDIA patch through YOU, however, the graphics card still can't be seen on the list in SaX2. I reprobe the device and it is still trying to use the fbdev module. I manually downloaded and installed the driver, and with success, I was able to use it, however, during installation, it said that it had to uninstall a 5xxx series driver. What gives? Why would YOU give me an outdated driver? The final issue, even after installing the driver manually, I still can't just go into SaX2 and change all my stuff around. Yes, initially, the nvidia driver is being used, however, I am trying to use the setup to configure a second display, and now it is just being a pain in the ass.

Is it possible to get full control over the driver in SaX2? I want to set up dual displays and still have 3D acceleration. The displays will be in a span mode.
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