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Default I can't update my driver?

Ok, I installed the Nvidia installer and 6629 drivers 2 months ago for Fedora 3 which work great but now I noticed there is a newer version of drivers available [7167].

So I read the manual on nVidia's site

Originally Posted by nVidia's site
If you run:

nvidia-installer --update

the utility will connect to NVIDIA's FTP site, download the most recent
driver file, and install it.
When I do this, I get a message from the nVidia installer telling me that I have the latest version 6629 installed. It will not go to the FTP site for some reason. Do I need to go to nVidia and download the 7167 drivers and point the installer to it? I was told and the site says that I should be able to do this automaticly but I can't for some reason.

When I gave the command

nvidia-installer --latest
It only said that 6629 was the latest so I don't know if their FTP site is not updated or what.

Please help.
It said install Windows 98 or better so I installed Linux...
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