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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Yep, think I'm cancelling my account. With in a week Blizzard has managed to turn one of the lowest populated servers in to a bloated, laggy, queing pile of crap. They opened the gates for the warsong people to flood in to this server. So now, instead of one high populated server they have 2 with twice as many pissed off people. Why not just transfer them to those few new servers they opened a month ago or better yet, with the profits they are cashing in on create some new servers.

I already left the server Ner'zhul and a lvl 48 character because of these issues and here I am again. I said if this happened again I'd cancell my account in which I will do. If they seem to fix the issues by the time my subscription is done, I'll resubscribe. Somehow I don't see that happing though. Like I said earlier, Blizzard bit off more then they can chew.

Is this a bitch, your damn right. $15/month buys me that.

Oh yeah, and guess what I'm qued for. For some fuk-tards running around in lvl 1 nakid toons spamming up the ah, SM, TM, XRs thinking it's cute leaving their nakid corpse around. Guess the community isn't much of a inncentive to stick around either.
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