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Default Re: Everquest 2. Some thoughts. I'm still left wondering.

I think one of the problems with EQ1' solo game is everyone and their grandma has a level 70 toon and can goto the bazaar with 100k and twink the hell out of a new toon and out-solo even a "WOW" character pretty easily. Also it's highly dependant on class. Necros, Mages, Shamans for example can easily solo up to 55 with minimal downtime with only a small amount of twinking. For melee's all you gotta do is put a haste and a regen items and you can Power to 50 in 3 days. Fungi Tunic + Seahorse belt+good weaps, and a few other select regen items (Grimling contraption, darkwater peral ring) etc. If they made EQ's solo downtime less, + the twinking issues you'd have toons soloing to 50 in like a day. Also take into consideration boxed toons. I started a monk 4 days ago and he's already 32 because I just powered him with a lvl 36 shaman box on a friends account.

If your just starting out and you play a warrior I have no sympathy for you, warrior's are a known class that does not solo. If your just starting out you need to be a necro/mage/shaman get to level 70 (which will happen pretty quickly) and twink like everyone else.

All this said, There are going to be many changes made to the solo game and low level game coming up. Casters will be getting spells every level, and they are going to add some kind of healing potion. Also when you log out for more then an hour you come back full mana and health.

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