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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

This is total crap! I really am pissed that I wasted the last 3 months on this game only for them to intorduce a usless patch that did NOTHING but make things worse. Not only did the NOT listen to their customers but they added crap NO ONE WANTED. WTF IS A MEETING ROCK!? I don't want a meeting rock. I want my warrior to be able to dull out more damage then a FEKING SHAMAN! truely pathetic how they completely nerfed the warrior in this game. I do love my warrior but it is only because eveyone has to be a puss and pick a friking rogue or a shaman. FU BLIZZARD AND GET UR ACT TOGETHER!

Have you also noticed that even getting onto their useless site is a pain in the ass!? Especially when they are having problems, for get about it. They have that useless real status page. OH THAT WORKS GREAT.

ELUNE: Status, up and low population. UDawg goes to log in... FULL OR LAGGED TO DEATH!

I swear these servers and coders are a group of five 6th graders in their parents basement laughing thier asses off and looking at noodie magazines.
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