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Default Shake Unstable -resizing tabs when file browsing always crashes


I am having a bit of headache getting Shake 3.5 to behave nicely. I am running Redhat 9 on a Dell Precision 670 with an nVidia 1400 (I have attached the nVidia log file for further details). The system is only being used as a compositing workstation and so Shake is the only additional software installed.

Initially the setup seemed fine the file installed with no errors and X windows appeared fine.

I then installed shake and messed about for a few seconds with some roto splines and again no problems.

However on further checking I discovered that the stability was severely lacking. One method that I discovered which was guaranteed to make Shake crash was resizing the tabs when browsing for a file within Shake. i.e. create a FileIn node and then when selecting a file, resizing the name column causes the program to crash. The text in the column would blur across the screen as well as the column divider and then the application would instantly close and I would be returned to the desktop.

I noticed that version 7167 of the drivers was available and tried installing that but it made no difference.

Can anyone help?

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