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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09
God, please don't turn this thread into a Blizzard bash-fest. It's what makes the official forums so horrible and useless. No offense guys but just because you can't play the game for a day or two while a new patch comes up doesn't mean the game will be broken forever, so quit whining about it. Tyr-Sog, I think your complaint is the only well-grounded one I've seen.
Don't get me wrong Ninjaman, last nite was great not playing games. I got a lot of stuff done around the house. My problem is that I have had nothing but server problems since I got this game. I get boot much of the.

You may have had a better experience tham me and that is great but all I can go by is the service I have receive since I started it. We pay for their servers to be up and running not for patch after patch and down time. If your ISP had this level if incompitence you would move to another ISP. This is not difference. If you are not getting the service they advertised then you are well with in your right to move to a competitor. The fact that it is just a game is not an argument. It is a service contract we all pay for.

If this happend once in a great while I wouldn't think about it twice but it happens almost every other day for me. Before you start questioning my computer spec and my ISP please don't. I have been playing games on line for a very long time and my computer is more than fine. I know what to expect from on line gaming. This is the same problem I had with UBI. I refuse to buy any of their product and play them on line. They plane suck. Blizzard is theaching me the same lesson. It is a shame to because I love this game dispite the fact that the warrior is under powered compared to other classes.
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