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Default Re: What "relaxed timings" BIOS do you think this guy used?

Originally Posted by DrCR
Yeah, I'll probably see how far I can go with the traditional CoolBits route (wow, it's been a long time since I've used that app!) and take some benchmarks. Then do some BIOS modding and compair the benchmark results. Paired with an Artic Silencer NV3, I'm hoping I'll be able to push the Leadtek far.

Do you know off hand if the Leadtek 5900XT will take a 5900/5950 bios? Perhaps there's some compiled database out there with the info? FYI here's a shot of the card, if that could help answer the question. It chould be coming in tomorrow, can't wait!

Not bad for $110 shipped.


5900u speeds should be easy to achieve, but 5950u and up depends on how good your particular Leadtek card really is.

But remember I also pointed you to a Guru3d thread on moded 59xx bioses. And if you had checked it out, you would have found a moded Leadtek A350XT BIOS linked at the first posting with stocks of 300/450/850. A BIOS which is probably not a bad place to start from.
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