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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

I do like the fact that my guild wants me to be in every quest they do now and I am only a lvl 47 warrior. I think I am understanding better the role Blizzard envisioned the warrior to be. Holding agro and staying alive will delivering DPS is the role while others like the mage do big damage and control runners when I can't get a hamtring on. I have noticed that hamstring doesn't always work on dwarf elites. they are quick little bastards that run fast even with a fresh hamstring. They aggro like son-a-bitches.

I just complete my Arms part of the build and am now working on fury. I love the fact that we can essentialy fight two or three badies at the same time. My guild didn't realize that. They ignored me when I say if you are tagged stay right next to me and dont move. I will pull them off you or if more than one I will deal big damage to both while fighting a third, then I will get to ya. They now are finally seeing the aggro control I have. Some times the group just has to trust you. If I say run then it means we are screwed.
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