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Default Re: What "relaxed timings" BIOS do you think this guy used?

Originally Posted by DrCR
I did check out that thread and did notice that bios.

What I asked was if this particular card would take a 5900/5950 (clarification: a non-XT) BIOS, as your "Basic FX59xx Bios Changes" post, if I'm not mistaken, talks of difficulty getting 5900XT cards not based on the 5900 PCB to accept a 5900 (or 5950) BIOS. Obviously the OCing potential of the XT board at hand is an issue, but I got the impression that most of the XT cards are inherently different (i.e. based on a "XT" rather than "non-XT" PCB).

Did I get that right? Anyway, apparently this card card can accept non-XT BIOSes (again, assuming the XT card will clock high enough) as per this mod:

Thanks for your insight and sharing your knowledge.


I believe all original 5900XT type cards were deliberately made incompatible with higher cards BIOSes to stop what was happenning with 5900nu owners. Where 5900nu's were being easily turned into a 5950u by simply flashing with a 5950u BIOS. No mods, just a flash of a BIOS.

Because the XT's were of slightly different design including the use of 2.8ns memory chips, it was impossible to simply flash with any higher cards bios. Thats why a Moded 5900XT Bioses thread was first raised in Guru3D.

Later on manufacturers, presumably fighting for better market position, started selecting better components for their cards, including the use of 2.2ns memory chips. This now allowed many XT's to flash with modified BIOSes, including the 5950u. In fact if you check the first post of the Guru3d thread, you will notice there are underclocked 5950u bioses. Which were specifically put there so that all XT owners, regardless of memory chips fitted, would be able to safely boot and thus at least try compatability with a 5950u type bios.
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