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Question LCD screen runs at wrong frequency


i've been trying to install linux on my laptop for the first time and i am having a problem with the screen running at the wrong frequency.

I installed mandrake linux 10.1, & nvidia driver 1.0-7167. Since i have a widescreen display (1280x854) I put a modeline in the XF86Config file:

ModeLine "1280x854" 85.26 1280 1296 1552 1792 854 854 861 892

and i am pretty sure it's right. Problem is, when i choose "1280x854" from the list of resolutions, i get a refresh rate of 53Hz, not 60. As far as i understand all LCD panels run at 60Hz, and i don't want to damage my laptop by running the screen at the wrong frequency.

Any suggestions about how i can fix this or what can be wrong?

For the moment i've given up using linux as there is not much point if the screen can't run at native resolution..... All other resolutions are fixed at 60hz it's just the one i want that is at 53Hz.... Is this because of the driver??

Thanks in advance,


(i have a GForce 4 440 Go 64M graphics card).
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