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Default Re: What "relaxed timings" BIOS do you think this guy used?

The only issue is with achievable performance, not design or compatibility. You can ask 1.5volts of the core of a 5900xt (like a 5950U) however, it will most assuredly ignore it and feed 1.4v. Allowing for lower performance.

From what I've seen though, more 59xx are able to achieve huge core clocks even on 1.4v, but the ram clocks are another matter, and often determined by cooling (and ram ns of course).

I hit a wall a long time ago on my 5900xt, I'm now running it at 465/774, with tight latencies on the ram. With an Arctic Silencer. In its better days it did 475/830 but it overheated a lot and ram performance was so-so (because of the slack latencies I had to use).

HY5DU283222A = Hynix 2.8ns. Standard 5900xt. You're likely to achieve similar results to mine (MSI ViVo). Oh yeah, 59xx are dissed quite often. If you want fluidity and speed instead of bragging rights, switch to PS1.4 in rivatuner. Makes a huge difference in FarCry and other DX9 games, at little loss. (similar to the old FarCry Nv mixed mode)
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