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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Originally Posted by UDawg
That is what I thought about intimidating shout.

As far as charging, lets say I am in SM doing Doan (not sexually ) and I charge the first two in the hallway. You are saying it will not pull the next two further down that hall? I was told never to charge because it will aggro the whole room. I said yes if I pick a guy way in the back and my path goes through the whole room but if I just charge to the first two guys I am sure it will just hold aggro and not pull more. Am I bassically right?
You'll aggro what you would normally aggro, Charge doesn't increase the radius of your aggro or anything. However, if you run through a creature's aggro radius during your charge you will have a new friend. If there are creatures arranged like this:


<- Monsters!


O <- You!

...and you charge the first two, the last two will not aggro unless you are inside their aggro radius. However, if you charge the last two, you will pull all 4 because you'll charge right through the first two.
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