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Default new FSAA modes 6xS, 8x. HOW?

hello, I just registered here in nvnews as i find these forums a good way of exploring your card's capabilities further.

I own a Point of View Ti4200 64MB o/ced @ 300/600 and I'd like to know how I enable these new FSAA modes. Just to try it. Can I enable them via registry? Also, !atuner supports these modes?

Also, I've heard about a registry tweak which allows for slight better AA performance (like 10%) without any significant loss of image quality. Anyone knows of this?

I'm using Riva Tuner for a while and I've started using its patch scripts, I managed turn my Ti4200 into a SoftQuadro4 700XGL with anti nvstrap protection and SQ4 script.
Anyone can describe what the other scripts do? like anisobooster.ogl etc..

Being a power user(sic!) for years, I'm overlimits so I registered here to share my knowlegde with you guys and vise versa.

Thx in advance

Tip1: Making low-level overclocking of your GF via a Nvidia editor(like Ray Adams Bios editor) allows for permanent overclocking of your GF card plus you don't mess with driver o/c (tell me coolbits) which as it overclocks your card increases memory timings for stability reasons(tell me artifacting). So if you're sure that your card can be stable enough at particular clocks, you'd better do o/c via bios.
This editor can also change signon message, change colour, enable/disable Fast Writes,Sideband Addressing and much more
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