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Welcome to the board

Wow thats news to me, didnt even know that GF 4 supported 6xs and 8x, I thoght only the new Radeon cards did that. I was pretty sure that the gf4 had the same AA as gf3 only more optimized. But I dont know for 100% sure as I only have a Gf3 ti 200 and havent been looking in to Gf4 much as Im planing to upgrade to something better than Gf4 next time I buy a new gfx card.

Nice tip btw.
Ill have to check it out cos it sound good. Any down sides to it ?

Ive never heard of a registy tweak for AA that gives abit better performance, You sure you dont have it mixed up with the Ansio tweak ? (that you can change in Rivatuner)
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