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Default Re: new FSAA modes 6xS, 8x. HOW?

Originally posted by spectre

Tip1: Making low-level overclocking of your GF via a Nvidia editor(like Ray Adams Bios editor) allows for permanent overclocking of your GF card plus you don't mess with driver o/c (tell me coolbits) which as it overclocks your card increases memory timings for stability reasons(tell me artifacting). So if you're sure that your card can be stable enough at particular clocks, you'd better do o/c via bios.
This editor can also change signon message, change colour, enable/disable Fast Writes,Sideband Addressing and much more
And why would I want to have a ti4200 overclocked to 300/600 when surfing the web, listening to mp3 or using Word?

I think its better to overclock only when you need to. Besides, some games are more overclocking friendly so you can push the card a little further. And don't forget that you can overclock the card higher during winter than summer, becuase of ambient temperature.
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