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Default Re: Is it worth the money? (TI4200 vs. FX5200)

Installed the ti4200. Little to no performance increase. I feel like shooting myself as the card performs just a few FPS faster then the fx5200 and has the same overall smoothness of it. The motherboard is just hosing the rest of the system - the SBPCI128, Ti4200, Duron, hard drive, memory, probably even the DVDRW drive. The motherboard doesn't deserve anything at all..

I've tried only Halo and UT2003 benchmarks so far. 3dmark2001 (or some other problems) freezes the system completely around the start of the Nature demo (on a 17-test run). It's not the demo, it runs fine by itself.. the same IQ of the FX5200, but 10-15fps faster, the only place it really shows off.. Too lazy to update my word file with the results right now, so i have a pretty screenshot with the stats. Perhaps i should try overclocking the card? I'm mainly worried about the freezing.. i thought the only games that freeze for this computer are THPS2 and Spider-man.. (the original, not the movie versions)

Maybe i shouldn't use the DH-zer0point 71.48's..

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