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My card instructs pain! Or, at least, laughter..

Fillrate Tester
Display adapter: NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 -=[DHzer0point]=-
Driver version:
Display mode: 1024x768 A8R8G8B8 85Hz
Z-Buffer format: D24S8

FFP - Pure fillrate - 926.955322M pixels/sec
FFP - Z pixel rate - 967.502380M pixels/sec
FFP - Single texture - 757.885864M pixels/sec
FFP - Dual texture - 656.375244M pixels/sec
FFP - Triple texture - 416.461426M pixels/sec
FFP - Quad texture - 333.012695M pixels/sec
PS 1.1 - Simple - 491.323517M pixels/sec
(everything else fails)

Oh, and with a 6600GT SLI on a friend's 3800+.. well, it surely beats this card :P
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