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Default Re: Is it worth the money? (TI4200 vs. FX5200)

Err.. sorry for the triple-posting here.. i just don't think my find it worth of a edit.

I popped on a ram-spreader thingy on my stick of 256mb in there, and i was able to almost get through a test in 3dmark - failed on the pixel shader, about half-way in. I want to go through it all, at least once, to see how fast it is.. but not if it keeps freezing

I tried a few more games.. Deus Ex, Unreal, and JK:JA all played very fast before freezing to a halt, at highest settings/800x600, noAA/8xAF. Steam in JK:JA slowed it down a few FPS though, nothing to go cry about. Just wish this card wasn't making it freeze like crazy..

Cough.. with EVEREST Home Edition, my AMD K6-2/VA-503 scored higher in memory tests (PC100 256mb.. remember that?). That's pretty bad..

/me goes to find a money tree to shake. (with enough shaking, i could even buy a SLI system.. but that's for the future..)
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