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The problem with benchmarks is many people simple don't truly understand the term or the reason for their creation. System performance ought to measured in the same fashion in which you intend to use said system. If that is plus 24 mip BIAS, high peformance driver settings disconnected from the internet with all background applications killed but the bare min, so be it. If not, you are only fooling yourself.

A bench is meant to reflect performance under real expected system settings when it is in use. Aka if you play high quality driver settings you ought to be benching that way if you are looking for a true reflection of your system's performance under day to day usage.

Again, benchmark=repeatable test to judge a system/software performance in actual day to day use. Application and systems setting ought to be left alone and normalized if you are looking for a more accurate reflection of what your system will/can do on average.

I would advise folks looking to actually judge their scores by comparison to do so with reviews first and users second. A reviewer will use normalized settings more like you will in actual use/gaming over users who often get into meaningless pissing contests.

So if your single X800Pro is not turning in 17k in 3dmark03 like user Y, I wouldn't sweat it. Dig up some reviews that use games/benches you are interested in on said card.
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