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Default Re: Everquest 2. Some thoughts. I'm still left wondering.

im actualy on my way out from this game,i had 3 accounts,canceld one 2 days ago,will soon cancel my other 2 aswell,the game was missing something,it felt as it had so many artificial limitations,and lately i dont have much time spending ages looking for group and raiding,next game ill try will be WoW,since ive turned into a more casual gamer lately,the items are also quite limited,nothing stands out except raid drops,and the drop rate of master chests is quite low in xp groups,graphics were ok but after playing around 5 months or so and still no stutter fix ive kinda given up.
basicly this game is more of a chore then a a fun expirience,and without pvp there isnt really anything to give you a fun expirience without having to "grind" ither if its adventure wise or crafting wise,and i dont count harvesting for rares a relaxing and fun expirience :
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