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Default Re: VMWARE

Originally posted by wan
I cant get tar rmp * to work, insmod fails whatever I do.

I am running it using VMWare, I am beginning to wonder whether this is the issue?
Windows XP is the host and Linux the guest.
There is no VMware documentation about this as far as I can see.

Anybody know anything about this?
I don't know anything about it for certain, but I would be extremely surprised to learn that the nvidia modules will load under vmware.

Going the other way, with windows vmware-hosted on Linux it is not possible to run 3d games. The reason is that guest os runs in an emulated hardware environment. The nvidia driver touches the hardware directly (this is why Mandrake users, whose systems by default use riva framebuffer for virtual consoles, have so much trouble with the nvidia drivers --2 drivers, 1 hardware, is 1 set of drivers too many) . This seems like it should be impossible.
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