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Default Re: *THE OFFICIAL* WOW Thread

Originally Posted by Nuvian
hehe,been reading thro the whole thread,and was wondering if the honour system has gonne live yet?and will it effect pvp aswell?saw some posts like 10 pages ago that said it will only effect pve,altho the official WoW site said it would effect pvp aswell,still waiting for my copy of the game (damn thing is sold out in europe).
planing on a nice warrior fury/arms build focused on slow 2 hander and crits.
If you're going for that you should go for an Arms 31/Fury 20 build with Axe Spec. Make sure you get Deep Wounds and Impale, and Improved Overpower is REQUIRED. At endgame go for an Arcanite Reaper and you'll be set.

The Honor system is not going to be implemented for PVP UNLESS Blizzard finds that griefing becomes so disruptive as action needs to be taken. As it is, you can only be griefed on a PVP server and frankly there's no point in playing on a PVP server anyway (unless you like corpse runs) so I'd stick with PVE and enjoy Battlegrounds once it comes out.
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