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Default 1.0-7174 freezes whole system after 30 seconds running any tv capture program


I have this problem since any driver after vewrsion 5336 (this is last one that is working correctly with video4linux layer). I have TV tuner, and compiled all modules into kernel (2.4.28 at the moment). When I try to run any aplication to watch TV (such xawtv, motv etc.) system is responsible for about 30 seconds and then freezes to death. I can still watch the tv output on screen, but rest is totaly dead. It even lead to data corruption (even if I am using jurnalig fs - reiserfs here). Maybe it is some bug with video4linux and xfree X11 and nvidia. I coudn't yet try 2.4.29 linux kernel nor Xorg X11 but I hope I try it in some time when I can. Now attaching the log file, hope it will help to solve problems. If any questions or test needed, please send me a massegae and I will answer/do tests.


P.S. Just forgot to mention. I use bttv drivers from kernel.
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