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Default Re: Everquest 2. Some thoughts. I'm still left wondering.

One thing gone unnoticed about EQ2 and Geforce6 series' not that
impressive performance* gets back to base code and developement of the game,actually EQ2 is a "Get in the Game" title just without the ATi badge on it.

Back to days when I had a 9800XT and used to go through ATi website there was a video there that showed EQ2 Devs talking about how more comfortable is to make their game on ATi hardware and how nice and fantastic it looks on ATi hardware.
surely this game is THE garphic heavy MMORPG title,but the base code is built on and opimized for ATi hardware and its not nVIDIA's fault or GF6 series weakness I long as MMORPG talk goes GF6 has been nerfed!

perhaps the same goes with Guild Wars.There was some Dev talk about it on that video.In fact the game is recently,officially carrying the red badge.

*max detailed,highres,4aa 8af or higher,single card
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