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Default Re: Over clocking my BFG 6800GT

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL
Try unscrewing the plate on the top of the heatsink (the side with the fan on it) and clean out any dust thats in it. My temps raised a lot over the past few months and killed the OCability of my card. I cleaned out a huge hunk of dust and now im running at 420\1.17 with no problems at all.

Theres no guarantee that your card will OC well, but its worth a try. Just be gentle with the screws, dont strip them when taking them out and putting them in.
The card is brand new so I don't think it could be dust. (But the inside of my case is a mess ) But my card OC's fine. Up to 434MHz on the core. But I leave it at 400MHz core and 1.10GHz on the memory. This FarCry demo is the only problem I have had so far. I just chalk it up to being a demo. So far everything else runs beautifully! And my card seems rock solid at 400/1.10!
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