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Default Re: kernel 2.6.11 problem.

Originally Posted by bad_zeppelin
i've installed 7174 driver on linux 2.4 kernel and it worked fine. but i installed it on linux kernel i cant ever make it work. i've reinstalled the drivers as recommended in the readme file but it doesn't help neither.

it just says "the module is already in the kernel" and fails x server.

anybody knows the solution?
thanks very much
This is the EXACT same issue I'm dealing with here. (Though I don't have a 2.4.x kernel to try it on). No matter if I 'rmmod' the driver or not, when X starts up it aborts with the same message "module is already in the kernel". I'm using udev, and it creates the devices just fine .. there are no errors or warning in 'dmesg'
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