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Default RAID Booting RH Linux 9 and weird /boot sectors

On my NV7-133R I have RAID setup.

This is the situation.

If both drives are plugged in the OS boots from the proper /boot sector on the proper drive. But then it 'mounts' the /boot sector from the wrong drive. So any changes I make are going to this wrong drive. So when I reboot the changes are not used during boot, but then the changed files are presented to me as /boot afterwards.

I found this out by unplugging the 2nd non-booting drive, and immediately I was presented with a different /boot sector. Mind you that the 2nd non-booting drive is truly not capable of booting the OS if I were to set it as the boot drive.

It seems that somehow a /boot 'partition' has been added to my 2nd drive which is not a true boot partition but just one named /boot. (by named I dont mean to imply LABEL either)

ANyone have any experience with this type of thing?
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