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"One of the error messages was # error Modules should never use kernel-headers system headers. This was the next point in the README.txt on which the solution is to install the kernel-source..."
It is linux kernel-source file or Nvidia_kernel-source file? I have encountered the same problem in installing the NVIDIA drivers. I use RH7.2 with RH kernel(2.4.7-10). After I have downloaded and installed the Nvidia_kernel--1.0-2960.src.rpm, the preblem is still occur. What should I do? Should I install the redhat 7.2 again, or update the kernel of my linux system? Should I download and update the kernel from or from directly? Which is better to me? Should I updated the shaved libraries after I have updated the kernel of my linux system? Where can I obtain the last shaved libraries?
I'm newbie about Linux and the driver, and any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks a lot, reallip.
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