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Angry Unable to install Nvidia driver

I am trying to install a new version of the Nvidia driver. My GeForce FX 5200 is unaceeptably slow in graphics upadates. When I try to install the it gives an error messgae that X is already running an nvidia device & can't be unloaded.

I cannot find any documentation on what "X" is. A keyword serach shows every topic in every forum. My RH Linux manuals have no entries on this "X" or how to start/ stop it. How do I disable this X so I can install the driver.

Also I re-edited my XF86Conig file to change back to Driver "vesa". Now my Linus will not start at all. It just boots to a blank screen. How do I boot to a command primpoit so I can re-edit my XF86Config to get the Linux working again.
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