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Default Re: DOOM 3: ROE Expansion Pack Feedback Thread

double barrel shotty baby! nuff said!. actually this is quite fun. i loved doom 3 even if it was very vanilla (basically i think thats how carmack wanted to keep it), this has got some goodies, which are pretty fun. i've made it past the 1st of the 3 new bosses(?) and all i can say is im hooked. messed with the ctf mp and i quite enjoyed it, fired up a server and man people joined within minutes.

its pretty action paced this go round, your pretty much thrown into the fray right off the bat, and you get the some new toys fairly quickly into the game. its still gotta a creepy feel to it, but doesnt seem to be as focused on trying to make you jump out of your seat. there's also some bactracking involved, not really a big fan of that, but i guess its meant to give you the feel of not heading in one sole direction all the time?

so basically... its quite fun.

i still dont understand why they dont have a greenhouse on mars.
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