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Default Re: DOOM 3: ROE Expansion Pack Feedback Thread

After playing for a bit, I too got past the first boss. I have to say the 'grabber' is definatly better than its Half-Life 2 counter part, much more usefull and much more fun.

As for the duble barrel shotgun, wow. On the single barrel the reload time is wayyy to slow, the duble is just rediclous. At first i told my friends, if you miss with the shotgun, your ****ed. But i now pass that on to the duble barrel shotgun, however your twice as ****ed.

So far, I feel that is is a bit dark and too much sneaking around, then trying to guess where the monster has spawned. However I feel the gameplay is a bit quicker than Doom3, and you dont have to go though as much 'story telling' crap as Doom3 also witch adds so much for replay.

As for the CTF side, wow all it is missing is weapon balance and a off hand grappleing hook, ala Expert CTF
The map design is amazing, it brings me back to the 'good ol days' And i really like how they are textured. Espically how there are markings on the floor telling what powerup/weapon spawns there. I cant wait to get on a server that dosent suck and try a 4v4 : )
However, I really wish they got some Id magic on the network engine. It really needs it. First of all, I still CANNOT belive that it dose not have http redirecting for missing files. It makes it nearly impossible to use custom maps and mods on a server. However, i wonder if that can amazinely be modded in. I really would love to see some fast paced Expert CTF action in doom3, but i can only dream!

On a side note, Id seems to have have become more aggressive with their copy protection. However not as rampant as steam, if avaible Doom3 checks BOTH cdkeys with a cdauth server. However unlike STEAM it dose not bitch if no internet is avaible, there is not even a 'cuple' second delay while it trys futile attemps to verify the cd key. I have to congradulate Id, they seem to have found the median between protecting their intrest, and the customers intrest.
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