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Default Re: DOOM 3: ROE Expansion Pack Feedback Thread

i think i would be a good person to post my 2 cents about this game. mainly, thats cause i HATED the original doom 3. i wasnt what i had waited for years for, so i am aprehensive about this expansion.

first off, it is fun. as soon as i started playing, i was drawn in right from the start. this is in stark constrast to the original that set the mood and built up to excitment. This game is less about scaring you and more about entertaining you. the game starts off quickly and you are sent right into action, which is refreshing for this game.

the grahics and soudn are the same as the first doom 3, so there is no change there.

without revealing too much of a spolier, i will say that Doom 3 has a physics engine that was very under-utilized in the first game. it amazed me when i could "interact" with the environment in ways that the original doom didnt even tease you with.

so, all in all, i am very pleased with this expansion. it almost completely makes up for the original doom's level os disappointment.
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