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Default Re: DOOM 3: ROE Expansion Pack Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by thenerdguy
I love it.
Gameplay is smooth, Sometime makes you jump. The three bosses are awsome!. Grabber beats HL2s but i do wish it was a setting where you could set grabbed item down with waiting till the charge runs out.

Ai is very good. So far i havnt ran into many imp yet. The Replaying the older delta labs (You fought in delta labs in the 1st game) is very fun. Fighting 10x more hll knights makes game play fun. Hell time flat out rocks!

I wish it was longer.
Press 'Reload' to set an item down

And with Zoomy I agree, the levels are more fun, however I still feel there is a bit of 'guess where the monster spanwed' again.

One thing that bugs me is, where did the zombie marines come from again???
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